Older, bigger, richer and wiser…that’s Twitter at it’s 5th birthday.

 In Videos: Wow, Twitter has just turned five. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I’m sure you are now only half reading my post and have gone into a flashback of all the things that have happened in the last five years…good, bad, ugly and embarrassing! To be honest, embarrassing probably tops my list, but then this is not about me (at least for now). I was watching an interview of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (what a rockstar of a name!) where he mentioned how people initially thought that Twitter was the ‘”Seinfeld of social media” where nothingness prevailed. I’m a big fan of both Seinfeld and nothingness, but surely Twitter has proven that it is well worth our time and attention. Be it the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan or the youth revolution in Egypt, Twitter has truly risen to the occasion in providing a platform for real time news and emotions. In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter has dived heads in to get more attention to the social movements that aspire to transform our world into a better place. Its Hope140 blog is spreading the word about some causes including #hope4Japan and also features case studies of non-profit organisations that are using Twitter for good. With an average of 140 million Tweets a day and a valuation close to $10 billion, Twitter is surely growing bigger by the day and the world we live in…is shrinking.







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