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In Learnings: If you have ever worked on a thesis, you know what it is like when you are nearing the end. You realise (at least I did after procrastinating for long) ways of how you could have done it better and then starts the endless battle with one’s own words. Though I’m no where near the finish line, at least the solitary hibernation in a silent corner of the library  is nearly over and I have some time to think of other things including this blog.

It seems a lot has happened while I was away from OurWiredWorld. One fine day, I logged on to Gmail and found a colourful icon named Buzz dominating my inbox. Even before I knew what it was people were already following me and I was following people, some of whom, I have intentionally not spoken (or e-mailed) to in years. Worse than that, my default privacy settings were definitely nothing like ‘private’ and the whole world could see what I was viewing on YouTube and Picasa (not that you can frown on my choice!!). I don’t know about others but personally I’m not a big fan of Buzz. It’s such a ‘me too’ product. But it seems the world has caught up to it and now online content is being shared on Buzz just as it is on Twitter, Digg it, Facebook and the likes. This is an all new area and I will be back with more on it in another post.

It’s true, change is the only thing that is constant in the world of Internet. Yesterday I attended a presentation by the Kiwi group of the World Internet Project, who reported on their 2009 survey findings of a sample of 1250 respondents above the age of twelve. The results showed that five-sixth of the New Zealanders use the Internet, among which the largest users are those of Asian ethnicity. 55% of New Zealand Internet users make use of the Internet for online banking at least once weekly. 45% obtain product information and 27% pay bills online at least weekly. I can’t draw any valid interpretations here, but it might be suggested that banks using sustainability reasons to push consumers towards online banking to reduce costs and be environmentally friendly might be a cause for increased use of Internet for banking purposes. In regards to the much debated social aspect of the Internet, Facebook is leading the pack with 75% of social networking website users reporting that they use it most often, though wonder if this statistic would change over the coming couple of years.

The complete report is now available at:


Internet now integral to New Zealanders’ daily life

World Internet Project

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