Sort out your Facebook privacy settings

In Opinions: OK, so I’m coming back to my blog after a long hiatus…the move ot a new house, a new office and of course my research is keeping me on my toes. But another thing that has kept me busy is thinking of new passwords for my Twitter account. Why? Because it has been hacked twice!! The first time it was probably my ignorance (I must have been sleep walking on this one) when I clicked on a link in a direct message from a friend. The next day, I had people come up to me and ask why I have been sending them weird DMs. It’s obvious it wasnt me but the spam that was going out of my hacked account. I couldnt think of anything better than changing my password and other settings and tweeting about the whole thing to warn unassuming people.
The second time it got hacked, I got an email from Twitter, informing me that they have changed my password to keep my account secure. hmmmmmmmmmm…

Twitter has always been very notorious when it comes to pishing, hacking and spam attacks, but Facebook hasn’t been far behind too. At least now Facebook is owning the fact that privacy settings are a concern to users and forcing users to set their privacy levels to ensure who can access your messages, photos and information. You can choose from ‘only friends’, ‘friends of friends’ and ‘everyone’. I’m not sure if this is a new thing as I always ticked on ‘only friends’ when I uploaded pictures…maybe they are promoting it vigorously only now, realising that privacy issues can fall back on their face.


Facebook forces users to sort out privacy settings

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6 thoughts on “Sort out your Facebook privacy settings

  1. omg we have the same problem…when i received messages from people all over he world that i have been messaging them i was like what!!! when i checked my sent box it had hundreds of messages sent to others.

    Twitter needs to sort that out…i have been changing my passwords very regularly now since that happened to me.

    Keep your blog close to your fingers i love reading here

    • Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Hopefully once my thesis is done, I’ll be back to posting daily…waiting for Feb 2010!!! And yes, Twitter needs to work on privacy big time.

  2. Hi Smith…
    Well actually Twitter is just a part of my research on how social media as a whole has impacted public relations. Thesis will be out next Feb and hopefully journal articles and conference papers will follow 🙂
    Thanks for all your encouragement. It means a lot.

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