Marketer’s guide to social media

howIn General: I found this whitepaper by Direct Message Lab on managing a brand’s social presence on the social media and I personally think it’s worth a read. The statistics are US based but the interpretations can be used as knowledge base.


 This whitepaper is designed to give marketers an overview and specific tactics for managing their social presence. Direct Message Lab’s customers include many Fortune 500 companies and top Internet retailers. We have asked them to share their approach to social media from a strategic standpoint and the day-to-day mechanics of managing their social presence. Their responses have shaped a clear picture of the challenges that companies large and small are attempting to resolve as they navigate their way through social media. In this whitepaper we share many of the results gleaned from these conversations. We also add our perspective on the direction of social media, tools that are available and how to calculate an ROI you can take to your executive management. (Source: eMarketingPapers)

Download Paper


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