Windows 7 is here! Is it competing with browsers and web apps?

In Videos: So while I have been away from my blog, packing and unpacking, to settle in my new home, a lot has been happening on the wired world front. The biggest news being the launch of Wondows 7. It was New Zealand where the latest operating system from Microsoft was first launched. The morning of 22 Ocotber witnessed a lot of events in the CBD area in Auckland announcing the launch with contests, celebrities and crowds to cheer. It seemed like people were having a sigh of relief that something was finally there to put an end to Vista. Don’t know how exactly the system got named Windows 7…I remember 94, 98 and 2000 were named after year of launch, XP meant ‘experience’ (could you ever guess that one??!!!) and Bill Gates only knows what Vista was…but whatever the logic, the number 7 was used well in New Zealand as we had Richie McCaw, the All Blacks captain who is the popular “number 7”, to launch Windows 7 in Auckland.

Now that all the hype has been created and Microsoft has people across the world excited about this new operating system, we need to figure out if  Windows 7 is worth all that talk.

Watch CNN debate: The impact of Windows 7, are operating systems competing with web applications and browsers?

Embedded video from CNN Video


Richie McCaw helps launch Windows 7

Have you tried Windows 7? What do you think?

The real life Burger King Windows 7 Whopper is a disgusting joke to humanity


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