Is multi-tasking among youngsters OK??



In General: I had been thinking about writing on this topic for quite some time now, but a comment on my blog made me start typing (Thanks Smith!!). There has been a lot of talk about the increasing multi-tasking among youngsters (and hey..I’m not talking about just teenagers…even my five year old nephew can do at least two things at a time), with mobile phones and computers grabbing most of the free time.

The article I read on The New York Times, cites Dr. Christakis, who says that, “parents are digital immigrants and children are digital natives”. This statement caught my attention the most, as I do think that different generations have different ways of working. Even though our brain works one thing at a time (or so the article says), it is so easy for us (as in younger people, though again my 5 year old nephew can teach me a thing or two about computers ;)) to text while we browse through our e-mail with the ipod stuck to our ears. I agree this is NOT healthy. Especially when youngsters start texting while driving or during lectures or when their parents are scolding them!!!!

Personally, I also do several things at a time, but only to realise eventually, that I have not fully concentrated on any. Now that’s no good. Moreover, one needs to realise that social & digital media is only part of our life not all of our life. I do have friends outside my friend list on Facebook and the Followers’s list on Twitter. In fact, I personally know only a handful of people who are following me on Twitter.

This compulsive need to be connected all the time, to several things at the same time, might not be very healthy. Personally, I think it should be researched into as it might be something  like anorexia. You think you need to be connected…but do you really???

Even kids prefer to chat or play video games, rather than go out and play. Agreed that’s what they might like now…but is that fair to give them access to such a crude obsession so early in their life?? Times are changing, media is changing, media consumption habits are changing, but childhood and teenage is changing too…for the good or the bad…I can’t clearly say.

There are times on the weekend that I don’t feel like blogging. I feel like simply enjoying the afternoon sun, without having to check Twitter for RTs or Facebook for more fans or my blog for more comments. Is that a crime? Coz as they say…can’t I multi-task??

What’s your say?


3 thoughts on “Is multi-tasking among youngsters OK??

  1. Hey,

    Good to see this coming up so soon…
    I personally feel that we can never multi task… it’s just the way we keep things prioritize and think we are multitasking but actually we do only one thing at a time and frankly saying we don’t do justice to anyone eventually…

  2. I think multitasking among young people is good. The business world requires it, schools forces it on students to become even against their will. The world we live in drives us to do so many things at once, to make us seem like Supermen and Superwomen – saving the world, always being reachable and to communicate. It may not be healthy, but we like the thrill.

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