WOMMA: How gen Y uses social media

498072_working_with_laptop6In General:Last week WOMMA held a webinar on the ‘online behavioural trends of gen Y’ , specifically looking at the age of  22-29, who are termed as ‘early careerists’. These are basically people who have recently graduated or are in the early stage of their career. Here are some of the findings as posted on the 360 Digital Influence blog: 

  • Generation Y spends over 3 hours per day online
  • Early Careerists are health conscious, as they have a more balanced lifestyle due to watching generations before them spending too much time at work. With that being said, some of the most popular conversation topics among Early Careerists include lifestyle topics, such as food and cooking, music, money, clothing, politics, religion and school
  • Early Careerists use social media as an authentic extension of their personal relationships. They aren’t likely to befriend strangers online, or brands they aren’t fans of
  • “Quarter-life crises” has hit this generation especially hard. Early Careerists have been reared on meeting and often exceeding expectations, but due to the down economy, their post-graduation experience has generally been clouded with concern and pessimism
  • Value brands such as Ikea and Target are among the most discussed brands. In this economy, Early Careerists are especially focused on finding value and affordability
  • Females tend to drive more conversations across the social web, as they like to share their finds and deals with their online networks

Honestly I’d like to see some substantial research (or perhaps do some one day) on how women use social media. A lot is being said about women being more social and thus being more active online, but the other theory of men being more technologically prone also peeps in. So what is the truth? Is there actually a difference in the way men and women use social media??


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