Google explains what a web browser is

In Video:  Do you know the difference between a web browser, an operating system and a search engine? Well, do you even know what a web browser is? Chances are likely that those reading this blog would, but just incase you don’t, Google has attempted to break all myths and explain what a web browser really is and does. This might be because Google has been burning the midnight oil to get Chrome to cut its piece of the market pie that has so far been enjoyed by Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome even came out with designer themes including the likes of Dolce & Gabbana to pep up the scene. Now with Google Wave on its way, Chrome needs to become a household name to pave way for Wave’s success, knowing that Wave works best with Chrome.  Check it out:


Google: A Web Browser Is Not A Computer, Not A Search Engine, And Not A Ham Sandwich

Google Attempts to Explain What a Web Browser Is [VIDEO]


4 thoughts on “Google explains what a web browser is

    • Hey..

      I don’t think they are getting egoistic…but yes, they are surely trying to promote Chrome to give Wave wider acceptance. In the process, putting down other explorers like internet explorer, firefox etc.

      • May be you are right out here but that doesn’t mean that they can ignore n try to pull other browsers down… as Firefox is a serious competition to them and people are still not use to Chrome as compared to Firefox…

      • Exactly my point. This is just a marketing tool to beat the competition and get a bigger market share for Chrome. I personally prefer Explorer or Firefox, and the new layout designs on Chrome are really quite silly!!

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