Hotmail hacked. Be safe, change your password.

hotmail-passport-forgotIn News:Microsoft users have been the victim of pishing. For those of you who don’t know about pishing, it’s the criminal act of taking personal details like username, password, credit card number etc from unsuspecting e-mail users by pretending to be trustworthy. The information that 10,000 Hotmail users have been attacked under a pishing scheme was first published by technology blog Neowin. It stated that an anonymous user has posted details of Hotmail accounts on October 1 on a site called The site which is basically used by developers to post and share codes had details of over 10,000 accounts starting from A through to B. Those posted included, and accounts. Most of the accounts are said to have been based in Europe and have now been taken off the website.

Microsoft told the BBC that an investigation has been launched. A consultant at a security firm Sophos however told BBCthat this list might be a subset of a larger list and the scale of the pishing attack has not been estimated yet.

All Hotmail users are advised to change their passwords to be better safe than sorry.


10,000+ Hotmail Accounts Exposed [Alert]

Hotmail, msn users hit in ‘phishing attack’


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