Facebook: Beware of scammers pretending to be stranded friends!

bewareIn News:  I wrote about this a few days back and here it is again. Spammers and hackers are using Facebook as their play field and robbing unsuspecting people of their money. Most of these cyber criminals are hacking into user accounts and then sending messages to everyone on the friend list, pretending to be their friend, who’s stranded in a foreign country and in need of money. The scammers mostly ask the worried innocent friends to send money via  ‘Western Union’ , a money transfer agency and promise to return it via the same.

Now Facebook has finally stepped in and issued a warning to all its users to be careful of these money requests from friends stuck in foreign countries. Alok Menghrajani wrote on the official Facebook blog, “On the technical side, we have improved a number of our automated systems to better handle this unique class of scam and are taking efforts to ensure that we adapt our response to the scam as it changes. At the same time, our security team is working with law enforcement and collaborating with email providers and other industry experts to identify and catch the criminals responsible. Western Union also is working closely with law enforcement on scams such as this one.” Read the complete warning message.

Be alert and don’t trust weird messages from friends right away!!!


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Facebook warning: beware shady cash-strapped ‘friends’


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