Young fashion blogger says Twitter beats Facebook

In Talk:  She’s been a beauty therapist, worked in retail, got a degree in sociology, has a job in public relations and recently turned to fashion blogging…and guess what, she’s only 23!

That’s right, the likes of Romy Grbic can’t wait for future to happen as they are too busy living in present tense. Grbic, who runs a blog cum website called ‘rosecolouredglasses’ thanks social media for showing her the light in putting her ideas to work. “I’ve always wanted to be a beauty editor for a magazine and while thinking about how to start on that, I had this  idea to start my own website”, says a chirpy Grbic.  

Rosecolouredglasses came into existence only towards the end of July 09, but has already enjoyed 1200 visits. Ask Grbic how she managed that and she tells you the Twitter story. (Well there’s a bit of Facebook too ;)) According to Grbic, most of the visits are coming thanks to her promotional tactics on Twitter. She has been using her Twitter account (which has now been aptly renamed as fashionista_nz) to popularise her posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Not only that, Twitter also landed her with her very own column in the online  Etch magazine as their inspiration writer. “I was following Etch magazine on Twitter and they sent out a tweet about wanting to know new websites in New Zealand. That was it, I tweeted them back with my own website’s address, they liked it and took me on-board”, explains Grbic.


Blogging about NZFW?!

Grbic has been blogging away about the New Zealand Fashion Week that is currently on in Auckland and says that getting live updates and pictures from Twitter has helped her cover the event without even attending it. “I’m following people who are attending the shows on Twitter. The good thing is they update their websites and blogs only after the show or the next day, while I can use their tweets to keep my website rolling”, she quips.

Grbic says that Twitter surely is better than Facebook at promoting your product or service as Facebook is more personal. “Facebook fan pages don’t do much for you as most fans don’t even visit them after the initial sign-up. Twitter on the other hand is more promotional in nature. People using Twitter are more focussed about what they want to read and discuss and are doing just that”,  justifies Grbic.

Grbic realises that she needs to work more on her search engine optimization but is still happy the way things are picking up. She has already made connections with editors from BeautyBible and Gloss magazine and has been invited to attend the fashion week this Saturday. “I suggest people my age should find what they are passionate about and just do it. Things like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube make it so much easier to get going”, she says.

Way to go rosecolouredglasses!!!!!


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