Hope Windows 7 is not as dull as its launch party promos

In Videos: I currently have Microsoft Vista on my laptop and believe me, I was happier using XP. When Microsoft announced the launch of its next version of operating system called Windows 7, I was more scared than excited. Vista is slower than a turtle and working with it is like solving a Rubik’s cube. So, obviously I was a bit apprehensive about the “next big thing” in a once bitten twice shy kind of way. But, this Windows 7 launch party video by Microsoft has confirmed my concerns. This video is 6 minutes of torture, with zero degree of wit and 360 degrees of dullness. Plus, the actors make the whole thing look so obvious and totally non-exciting. 6 minutes? Come on Microsoft, thought you could do better…Hope the product itself that is to roll out in October is not as repulsive as its promotion.


Windows 7 launch party finalists selected

This Microsoft Windows 7 launch video is, if possible, worse than that musical one

Microsoft To Open Cafe In Paris To Build Windows 7 Buzz (Pics)

The Viliv S10 breaks cover sporting Windows 7, 10 hour battery life

Learn more about Windows 7 at Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Microsoft online laughing stock over Windows 7 video


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