Fashion goes viral, chic becomes mass!


Juliette Hogan Creations at NZFW (Michael Ng/

Juliette Hogan Creations at NZFW (Michael Ng/NZFW)

In General: Gone are the days when fashion shows were a topic to be discussed over champagne and caviar. This year’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week proves that fashion has shifted from being uber class tête-à-tête to mass conversations. Leading websites are vying for the attention of fashionistas and commoners alike. Most have dedicated sections to bring breaking news and pictures from the fashion week.

The official website: is not as chic and glossy as you’d expect. It is more text-based and has only a few pictures from the ongoing show for now. Even those available are tiny thumbnails, that you’d have to click to enlarge.

But you picture and video hungry people don’t need to worry… and are here to keep you informed to the minute (NZ Herald even has videos) What’s more even Twitter is not far behind… those attending the shows are putting pictures live from where the action is 🙂

And how can we forget the bloggers? Be it high profile fashion bloggers like Jenna Sauers or budding talents like Romy Grbic, bloggers are making the most of the fashion season to keep you updated on models n more…so what if you couldn’t get front row seats, you can still gossip about that ‘little black dress’ by Kirrily Johnston with equal panache 😉


Battle of bloggers heats up

Online guide to all things chic


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