Does Google need a new design?

redsing googleIn News:It seems that the colour and image friendly Bing search is causing a stir in the imagination of Google users. What if, Google search had a background picture that changed according to the search you made? Well, ideas like these are now being welcomed by WebMynd and YCombinator as an interesting contest aptly called ‘’ has been launched. The contest will go on till November 1 and is open to designers from across the world to put their creative minds to test and give Google a brand new look. The winner will take home a MacBook Air.

You can take a look at some of the initial designs submitted to the contest here. These can even be tested, if you have a Mozilla Firefox browser using WebMynd plugin. I had a look at the gallery and honestly didn’t like any of them. Most of them have used black or very bright backgrounds (why Oh why?!) making it hard to read the text. The others have over-emphasized the image, which causes distraction in reading. One has even used a picture of a naked woman, which for some users might be tooooo distracting 😉

I like Google the way it is. Neat and simple. I only suggest that it should add better quality pictures to its image search. Rest is just fine. What say?



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