…and the battle goes on!

battleIn News: Google and Microsoft have always been ‘at it’. MSN is now battling to get its share of the search market with Bing. If you have not already heard of the Bing, it’s the new search engine from Microsoft. I’m not sure if it can beat Google in Web/News search, but it surely is far ahead in images. The one thing that really appeals about Bing is the way its home page is adorned with bright pictures. But…Google is one-up there too in the way it re-does its typeface to match important news, events, festivals etc. That’s one way I get reminded that its AIDS awareness day or Christmas is round the corner (though that does not need reminding at all 🙂 ).  Coming back to the point…Bing is really good at Image search and far better than Google. In its design and usability it’s much like stock exchanges like Getty Images, Corbis etc. A Nielson report verifies that Bing is the fastest growing search engine with an amazing 22% growth rate, month-over-month. Yahoo on the other hand seems to be slipping off the ladder and Google’s growth rate is not very impressive either (probably since it already has the biggest market share).

Google’s much awaited Wave will only add fuel to the fire as it has already become the most anticipated launch. Due to be out around the end of September, it is a real-time collaborative tool with exciting applications.  While we wait on this, another new name, soon to roll out in the market is Stribe. Stribe allows you to create your own branded social network that you can host on your Website. Honestly, this sounds like a lot of fun and looks pretty colourful too. Only I’m not very impressed with their consumer engagement. I clicked on ‘Request an invitation’ to ‘Try Stribe before public release’, but all I got was an automated e-mail that tells me that my registration will be processed. I was actually hoping for a little trial but nope…I guess I have to wait just like anyone else 😦

Only time will tell if Google will create Waves, MSN will hit Bingo or Stribe will make the strike!


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