MTV’s VMA rule Twitter and YouTube

TaylorIn Video:OK, MTV truly had a social media field day with the Video Music Awards 2009. First up, MTV decided to use Facebook Comment to allow users to post comments on the Live highlights video streaming. The smart move here was to stream only ‘highlights’, to limit what went online and lure in more TV audiences. MTV even arranged for tracking the live Tweets about the awards night to show them off on TV later. Well…there was a lot to show off…especially when hip hop singer Kanye West interrupted 17-year-old Taylor Swift’s award-winning speech to praise Beyonce. West’s annoying act became YouTube hot cake. Twitter is not far behind. Within one hour of this incident, there were 300,000 tweets about Kanye’s silly antics that spoilt Swift’s centre stage moment. Kanye has issued an apology, but it has got me thinking on two things. One, never ever…ever…do anything stupid at such a popular public platform as it can spread like wildfire with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter et al…are the celeb managers listening? Number two: I hope this whole thing was not ‘staged’ by MTV to draw attention to VMA…and even if they did, they sure have mine.  Watch Video>>


Kanye West’s Taylor Swift Outburst: VMA’S YouTube moment

Kanye West Interrupts Obama (Spoof)

Beyonce Saves Taylor’s Night



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