Will you like the Lite Facebook?

FB LiteIn News:Were you one of the those who were getting kind of fed up with the countless silly applications and quizzes on Facebook? Well I certainly was. Especially after one prediction of how I’m going to die turned out to be too embarrassing to post publically (now don’t ask me what it was!!!). Well, looks like Facebook had an inkling that people are getting tired of spam ads, silly quizzes and childish applications. They have got rid off all of them and gone back to the ‘old-school’ Facebook, which was started only as a medium to stay connected.

Facebook has launched Facebook Lite in the US and India as a test to see if it has any takers. The version has also been rolled out in some other countries including New Zealand. I logged on the new version (or shall I say the ‘old’ version) and found it to be neater and faster. The changes? Applications and Quizzes are no longer there. The top navigation has ‘Events’ added to it. The left block no longer shows you a small window of your friends/top friends/bookshelf etc. It is clean with only ‘Friends’, ‘Info’ and ‘Photos & Videos’. The home page offers ‘Notifications’ on the top panel along with ‘Top Stories’ .

Now what I don’t like about this Facebook Lite is that once you are on the Profile page (or the Wall), there’s no tab to go back to the ‘Home’ page. On the Home page, nothing much has changed as you will continue to receive endless RSS feeds from your friend’s pages. Plus, even with this new Facebook, there is no option to customize your page, change the colour, font, look or anything else. To me, that’s the biggest turn off.

SettingsThe good thing however is that changing your privacy settings will now be easier, though these settings have not yet been activated. (Remember, it’s only a test version).

Facebook is trying to follow KISS (Keep it simple stupid) but will it work? Will people switch to Facebook Lite or have they become too used to the current crowded Facebook. After all, it’s like giving someone a ‘Fruit n Nut’ chocolate and taking all the Fruit & Nut away.


Kickin’ it old school: Facebook Lite launches in India and the US

Facebook going Lite to take on Twitter


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