Google or Apple?

mobile phoneIn News: After Apple CEO Steve Jobs launching the latest version of Apple iPod, iTunes and iPhone software updates, it’s now turn for Google to grab its share of limelight. Motorola has today unveiled its new phone – ‘Cliq’ – using Google’s Android system to keep you connected at all times through various applications. It even has a slide-in keyboard!!

Remember the old fashioned Motorola phones that looked like walkie talkies? Motorola has tried hard enough over time to get rid off that ‘old-school’ perception, and to some success with Moto Razr, but Apple iPhone left everyone far behind. That’s the one phone that everyone wants to own…need be or not.  There are some cheap look-alikes that are floating in the market as well…but…do we really need them? Is this due to the pressure of staying connected at all times…or simply a show off of “I’ve got this and I’ve got that”??

To be honest, I’d love to have a super savvy phone as well…it’ll be like a nice toy to keep me busy when nothing else seems interesting…after all, there’s a kid in all of us…and I think all these gizmos are to please that kid 😉


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