It’s raining applications

twitterIn News:This week’s news is overflowing with stories about new applications on various social media platforms. First up, is the big boss Google. If Monopoly is what you play when everyone’s home and there’s nothing else much to do…you now have a virtual option. Google has turned the popular indoor board game into a 3D version using Google maps. The aim is to set up an empire as big as you can starting with 3 million Monopoly dollars. The game called Monopoly City Streetswill be live for a period of four months ending 31 Jan 2010. You can view and buy property in any country, other than Israel and North Korea, as they don’t provide map information to Google. Well this gets me thinking about Google maps itself. The terrorists in the recent Mumbai attacks used Google maps to plan the mission. Is it safe to have detailed global street maps available at the click of a mouse? In the age of terrorism and hacking, Google Maps does raise several concerns…but hey, let’s leave that to another blog, another day. Meanwhile, Twitter has launched TweepML, which allows you share a list of Twitter users with others. The person you share your Twitter users with will end up following them on Twitter. I’m imagining this will be used as yet another marketing tool. Sometimes I wonder whether Twitter is a fad or here to stay. There are now news stories here and there about people getting fed up with Facebook (thanks to its non-customizable pages and increasing privacy issues). I personally think this would happen when people realise it’s all about spam and promotions and nothing about being social anymore…but then there will be something else. At least for now, Twitter is hot. 

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